Family Coaching

There is nothing more powerful than love, than connection, than family.

Transformation begins by looking at the individual parts,

As well as the whole.

As a mother, wife and individual with her own goals and aspirations, do you ever find yourself:

  • Wanting to commit to a holistic wellness program, but finding yourself unable to even think about having to cook a separate meal for yourself – more pots, more pans, more dishes and more than you can downright handle!
  • Endlessly picking your brain and searching for ideas on what to make for breakfast, lunch and supper, but also spending extra time trying to make sure that microwave suppers and take-outs aren’t an option
  • Wanting the best for your family, but not sure about where to start
  • Busy, busy, busy and in need of a little bit of help
  • In continuous need of a quick respite – that breathe-in-deeply and go-slow moment that will help to keep you focused on your own wellness goals
  • Looking for something that will bring your family closer together and create a feeling of support, love and connection
  • Continuously having to pick your brain on how to cook several different meals for each person’s unique dietary requirements

I get it. Trust me, I’ve been there. Being a mother to two incredible boys, I know that it’s more affordable and fulfilling to cook, nourish and transform together as a family. I am passionate about family, and I believe that merging this with my love for holistic wellness has led me down some incredible paths. This is what I want to share with you. This is why I have created my Family Coaching program.

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Need Help?

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My Family Coaching program is very close to my heart, as it allows me to focus on family and the connection and love that binds it together. During this 3-month closed container, we will focus on each individual member of the family, as well as on the unit as a whole.

I believe that total transformation cannot exist singularly, but rather holistically. This means that we look at the body, mind and soul, as well as the relationship that exists between them. Not only will we address nutrition, fitness and dietary requirements, but during this period we will also look at emotional trauma and mental cognitive patterns. We will take a brief look into generational trauma, family trauma, and individual trauma, as well as how these manifest within the cells, affecting the health and vibrancy of the body.

Through structured methods and a program that has been designed for your family’s unique needs, we will work towards achieving both the individual and holistic goals of the entire family. We will utilize detox protocols, minerals and vitamins to rebuild the body, clear the mind and balance the emotions.

Some of the benefits of Transforming as a Family unit include:

  • Enhanced connection and intimacy
  • The ability to support one another in a safe environment
  • Personal transformation, and that of the entire family unit
  • Greater health and wellness, more energy and holistic wellbeing
  • Sharing the load: Joint effort when it comes to making meals together
  • Affordability: It is cheaper to detox as a family than as an individual

More about what it Entails

During our family coaching program, we work with the family as a whole and as segregated parts in order to establish both the individual and holistic goals. Once we have done this, new routines will then be formulated, which focus on the dietary needs of each family member. We will also focus on assisting each member of the family along their journey, in order to ensure that each and every one achieves positive change on an on-going basis.

My goal is to help create a complete “roadmap to health” that will suit the entire family. This includes:

  • Incorporating real food, aka nutrition that will fuel the body
  • Developing a positive mindset and stress relief through meditation
  • Eliminating processed foods and toxins
  • Maximizing energy and performance with the right nutrition and daily movement
  • Creating healthy, sustainable habits for a longer life

Upon signing up for my Family Coaching Program, you will receive:

  • Access to my 90-day transformation App
  • Personal Coaching and accountability to help the family make nutrition and lifestyle changes in order to reach their holistic goals
  • Useful tips on how to teach your family and children to enjoy healthy foods
  • Access to my panel of experts – these health wizzes are there to provide daily tips and advice on how to transform holistically
  • Training with myself twice a week
  • Tips on how to master your mindset and incorporate daily movement, which will fuel your body and soul
  • Family coaching by Jeremiah Willemse


How do I sign up?

I only take on a limited number of families per year and this is why, if you decide to partake in this offering, I encourage you to show up for yourself and your family, fully. This is what you can expect from me. I will be there, every step of the way. I will be completely dedicated to your process. I will teach you how to unfold unto the beauty of your own being. Softly, delicately, and with love.

I do not believe in harsh, hard tactics that are driven by results. I believe in the beauty of your soul and I know that by clearing everything else out the way, this beauty will be given the space to grow organically. I believe in the natural unfolding of your being. You are magnificent! All I have to do is hold up the mirror, help you clear out the nonsense, and your true self will be revealed.


After receiving your first payment, we will schedule a one-on-one session to establish your goals, both as a family unit and as individuals.


I usually work with each family for a period of 3 months.


The energy exchange for my Family Coaching is $500 per month for up to 4 family members. I only take on a few families per year and this is based on a first come first serve basis. For more information, click on the booking link below.  If you are struggling financially, you are welcome to reach out to me and we can discuss setting up a payment plan.


Love Clauds ❤

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Do you have any other offerings?

Absolutely! If Family Coaching is not for you and you are wanting to transform on your own, yet still within a closed and intimate container, then check out my private closed container offering.

This space will allow you to shift and evolve with ten other likeminded individuals. Although you will receive personalized care and attention, classes will be attended in a group setting. This will allow you to feel supported and cared for in a tight community, enabling you to inspire change, learn and grow from those around you.

For more information, simply click on the link below.

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