Our Family Coaching Program is for those who are wanting to transform, both individually and as a unit. Not only is it more affordable to transform together as a family, but it allows space for greater intimacy between family members. It allows space for connection, for support, for understanding.

How It Works

Upon signing up for the Family Coaching Program, we will dive in with a live call to ascertain the goals of the whole family, as well as each individual within the unit. You will also receive access to Claudia’s 90-day transformation App, personal coaching and accountability to help the family make nutritional and lifestyle changes in order to reach their holistic goals. The program will offer useful tips on how to teach your family and children to enjoy healthy foods, access to Claudia’s panel of experts – these health wizzes are there to provide daily tips and advice on how to transform holistically – training with Claudia twice a week, tips on how to master your mindset and incorporate daily movement, which will fuel your body and soul, as well as family coaching with Jeremiah Willemse.

Ready to find out more?

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