Through the merging of the body, mind and soul, Claudia is able to give anyone the physical and mental results they desire.


I’m Claudia. I have been training my entire life, but could never really achieve the aesthetics or body composition that I always desired.  I never really understood the science behind developing long, lean and strong muscles. There was always something missing in my training, until I discovered the vital importance of directing the mind in order to feel and see results. Through this mastery, as well as through the use of correct dietary and detoxification methods, I have been able to transform my experience and relationship with fitness and holistic health. Over the past 7 years, I have worked to develop a technique to help train and develop the mind and muscle connection. This technique has been able to help hundreds of people to transform and change their lives. My programs and methods are available on a global basis, either through my group coaching, private coaching, family coaching or corporate coaching options.

You can only transform through the renewal of the mind

Romans 12:2

The Beginning of her Technique

Beauty has always been Claudia’s first passion and love in life. For many years, she was fixated on the external facet of beauty. This was until her late sister, Leony, was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma cancer. Claudia felt the immediate desire to research and learn more about the body and how to heal it and restore cellular vibrancy. This was when she met Alexander Cousins, founder of Living Mucus Free and En.Light Life. Alexander taught and guided Claudia on how to incorporate the Living Mucus Free methods into her own lifestyle. The Living Mucus Free lifestyle deeply resonated with Claudia and shifted her to her core. She became living proof that muscle could be built without the need for animal protein.

The Evolution of her Technique

Claudia has a strong background in physiology and anatomy. She has spent the last 7 years researching, studying, and self-testing, and through this process has transformed her entire body on a plant-based lifestyle. Following this, she began an NPO that aimed to assist people in South Africa to live a healthier lifestyle. Her NPO went on to create change and transformation for thousands of people. Since then, Claudia has continued to evolve and shift. She has created self-transformation platforms, easy-to-follow apps, and has branched out to offer her findings on a global basis.

In 2019 Claudia’s brand, UBA90day, grew exponentially and she had to train mentors to help and assist her with her programs. Over the past two years Claudia has recognized the need for private and online group coaching. Her services are open to a small selection of private clients, who work with her within a three-month retainer. She works intimately with her one-on-one clients to bring evolutionary shifts and transformation into every area of life.

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