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Join Claudia van Schalkwyk, a cutting-edge, revolutionary Holistic Transformational Coach who is out to change the world through the merging of bio-hacking and consciousness. Claudia takes a holistic approach to health and wellness and has developed methods and techniques to help you transform into the best version of yourself.

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Over the past 7 years, Claudia has worked to develop a technique to help train and develop the mind and muscle connection. This technique has been able to help hundreds of people to transform and change their lives. Her programs and methods are available on a global basis, either through her group coaching or private coaching options.

Healing is not mutually exclusive; it is all-inclusive. Everything exists within a system of interrelated parts, and you cannot shift one without the other. Trauma, thoughts and emotions are often stored within the cells of the body, and in order to heal the body, one has to address the mind, emotions and soul connection. This is done through the art of strategic and deep detoxification and remineralization.

Claudia does not believe in hard, fast results, but rather believes in holding space for the organic unfolding of your being to take place. Each client’s needs are different, and she believes in moving at a pace that is unique to the client’s history and requirements. She is always available to provide 24-hour support and continuous guidance – her greatest passion lies in assisting you in reaching your highest potential.

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Intimate one-on-one coaching over a three-month period.
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A small closed container that combines personal care with community support.
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Holistic Transformation for the entire family.
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Holistic wellness offering for employees.
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