Do you enjoy the stimulation of a good workout in a community-based setting? Are you wanting to transform, all whilst being continuously supported in a closed container? If so, then Claudia’s Group Coaching offering is for you.

Join Claudia for the ultimate live virtual classes, right from the comfort of your own home! For a monthly subscription fee, you will have access to two intimate group coaching classes per week. There are three slots available to choose from (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), making it easier for you to tailor your workouts to your schedule.

How It Works

These classes are designed to enhance your fitness results by providing educational and nourishing training on the Do’s and the Don’t of workouts. This is a great class to join if you are a beginner who has never trained before in your life, or if you have reached a certain level and are wanting to start progressing in your training.

The classes will combine strategic core functionality with movement to provide you with a holistic workout experience. Claudia’s focus remains on teaching her clients how to utilize every muscle in the body, all while doing a single exercise. These classes are formulated with learning, evolution and growth in mind, ensuring that self-transformation and confidence have been attained at the end of every month.

Remember: You are capable of become extra-ordinary!

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