Claudia’s vision is to create a personalized and customized program that is both sustainable and which creates radical transformation in her client’s lives. Her private coaching offering is not only focused on the physical, but also on the mind. During a 3-month period, Claudia works intimately with her clients in a one-on-one setting to ensure that every need is met – from the physical body, to the mind, to the emotions. She recommends transformative detoxification processes and shares her knowledge on how to nourish the body.

Claudia only accepts a handful of women every month as she continuously strives to give these clients constant dedication and attention. When working with her private clients, she offers 2 private virtual training sessions per week and 1 virtual session to discuss the weekly implementation plan.

When signing up, every client must first attend a virtual consultation with Claudia. Following the consultation, a customized holistic transformational program is designed, which will heal and transform the body, mind and soul.

How It Works

The client requests a 20-minute virtual consultation with Claudia. The client can schedule their personal app according to Claudia’s availability. It is important to note that all communication with Claudia will be scheduled in English.

Once the virtual consultation with Claudia has been scheduled and completed, you will receive an email confirming your time and date for your first virtual session. You will also receive a detailed medical questionnaire that will give Claudia and her team a better understanding of your medical history.

Upon receiving of your health questionnaire, the team will set up a meeting within 24 hours to arrange your first virtual meeting with Claudia, during which she will take you through your customized program step by step.

Virtual private training consultations and training sessions are available from 6am -8pm.

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