Wellness in the Workplace

At the heart of every organization,
there lies the beating hearts of each and every individual.

Wellness in the Workplace is an interactive, Corporate Coaching Program that works to enhance the health and wellbeing of your staff members in a holistic manner. Poor health and wellbeing often lead to many other factors that affect productivity and performance. These include disease, fatigue, poor concentration, lethargy, carelessness, and a lack of empathy and care when dealing with clients or customers.

In the past, we have often found that our Corporate Wellness program has resulted in the following:

  • Increase in health and wellness of staff members
  • Reduced level of stress and ability to cope with pressure and daily requirements
  • Balanced emotions and a more joyful state of being
  • Increased productivity and attention to detail
  • Less time taken off for sick leave or mental health
  • Greater fulfillment in the work space
  • Eagerness to grow and able to take on responsibility
  • Reduction in fatigue
  • Self-accountability and ability to work alone and within team environments

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It is my passion and purpose in life to assist as many individuals as possible in achieving radical health and wellness, during a time when it is vital. I believe that wellness is holistic, which is why myself and my team have spent several years developing our three-fold method. During our programs we focus on each of the three key pillars mentioned below:

  • Physical: We focus on detoxifying the entire body, which includes eliminating toxins and removing obstructions. During this phase, I work with participants to alleviate fatigue and disease, as well as to increase energy levels. Through a change of diet, detoxification methods, and easy recipes, your employees will be given all the tools they need to thrive on a physical level.
  • Emotional: Stress reaps havoc on the body. It is one of the main contributing factors when it comes to disease, anxiety, depression and fatigue. During my coaching programs, I work on an emotional level to identify triggers, alleviate stress and introduce techniques for a better flow of energy, such as meditation.
  • Mental: I work with my clients to renew the mind, develop self-control techniques, restructure the brain and identify fears. This equips the client and enables her/him to develop confidence, self-esteem and methods to cope with detrimental thoughts.

The Three Phase Program

These three pillars are addressed during our three-phase program, which lasts a total of three weeks. This program works to gradually take you deeper into communion and connection with your body and spirit. Not only will it focus on how to detoxify the body, but it will also teach you how to align, regenerate and mineralize your very cells. It is a humbling and deeply gratifying process.

Week 1: A Week for Transitioning

During the first phase we will focus on easy and efficient ways to transition from your old diet and lifestyle and into a more nutritious way of living. During this phase we will offer grocery lists, easy recipes and tips and tricks to incorporate a healthier lifestyle into your routine, without the mental and emotional strain that sometimes comes with it. We know that change is challenging and that’s why you can rest assured that you won’t feel as if you are missing out on anything. Our exciting recipes and mentorship program were developed to create a feeling of enhancement, rather than of restriction.

Week 2: Detoxing the Body and Nourishing the Digestive System

Most disease begins in the gut – this is where most heavy metals and parasites reside and if not flushed or cared for correctly, the gut becomes a toxic environment that simply leaches bacteria back into the body. The main purpose of the colon is to absorb minerals and vitamins. However, most people have old waste and matter that is embedded into the walls of the colon. This is then reabsorbed back into the bloodstream, circulating the waste back throughout the body. During the second phase, we work on detoxifying the colon and nourishing the digestive system with the correct herbs, vitamins and supplements. This affects not only your physical health, but it also creates mental and emotional clarity.

Week 3: Connecting with your Mind and Emotions

Oftentimes the mere act of detoxification can bring about mental and emotional shifts, which includes the surfacing of old trauma. It may take one into a state of deep inner reflection, whereby one is able to address mental and emotional patterns and restrictions. This is a beautiful and scared process as it allows us to let go and venture deeper into ourselves. Clearing the old allows us to make way for the new, which often involves heightened creativity, joy and efficiency. When we are ready to let go, we are able to show up for ourselves, our colleagues and our daily tasks in a fuller and more vibrant way. Our panel of experts are available for support, questions and guidance along this journey.

Upon signing up for my Corporate Coaching Program, each employee will receive:

  • Access to the 21-day App
  • Detailed meal plans to assist for the three weeks
  • Online zoom training on a Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 6:00pm, and on Saturdays at 8:30am
  • Daily support from our panel of experts, which includes a detoxification specialist, a Chinese Doctor, a Trauma specialist, and a Family development specialist
  • 24/7 support group with a dedicated mentor
  • Daily motivation

I do not believe in harsh, hard tactics that are driven by results. I believe in moving organically, and in listening to the needs and requirements of each and every individual. Having worked with hundreds of clients from around the globe, I know that at the heart of your business lies your employees. They are the living breathing essence that make up your internal processes. They determine how you do things and how your business is perceived by the world. I have seen how successful businesses operate, and it all comes down to how the employees are valued and cared for. This is what I am here to assist with. This is what I am passionate about. I am dedicated to the health and wellness of your business, and the individual parts that make it function.


After receiving your first payment, we will schedule a zoom meeting with all participating employees to hand over login details and to guide them through the general process. They will then be briefed on what to expect over the next three weeks and will be able to ask any questions they may have.


The program will run for a period of 3 weeks.


The energy exchange for the Corporate Coaching is $25 per employee. For more information, click on the sign up link below. If you are struggling financially, you are welcome to reach out to me and we can discuss setting up a payment plan.


Love Clauds ❤

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Do you have any other offerings?

Absolutely! If Corporate Coaching is not personal enough, and if you or one of your staff members are needing more intimate attention, then my Private Coaching option may be just what you are looking for.

This space will allow you to shift and evolve in an intimate environment where you will be given one-on-one attention for a three-month period. This option is for those who are needing holistic transformation, as well as for those who are facing various health challenges, which may include autoimmune disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, severe gut issues, prolonged stress, and challenges to one’s mental health.

For more information, simply click on the link below.

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